Why you should consider Home Schooling

We are homeschooling, actually to be specific we are unschooling our children. In our "past life" where we both held done 9 to 5 jobs and although many parents make homeschooling work from that situation we knew that we would have found it challenging to say the least. We took advantage of the ONE Group organic business opportunity and have created an income that is supporting us while we work less and less hours... and we work flexibly, from home. So now we share our homeschooling adventure. You can read more about our experience at our unschooling and alternative parenting website The ...

Frequently Asked Questions about Homeschooling

What does it mean to Homeschool? Homeschooling is an increasingly popular educational alternative in which children learn outside of conventional schools under the general supervision of their parents. Homeschooling means different things to different people. For some families, homeschooling means duplicating school at home, complete with textbooks, report cards and regularly scheduled field trips. For others, homeschooling is simply the way they live their lives - children and adults living and learning together in a seamlessness that would challenge an observer to determine which was '...

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