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“This Green Home Business has provided us with a flexible and ethical home based income, which has allowed us to spend more time with our young family. Having reached the the level of the company I’m excited about sharing our success with others.
“Contact our team for exclusive support, resources and training to start your own organic home business. Register at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in contact within 48 hours to discuss if this might be a good fit for your goals and situation.”

– Anne O’Casey (founder of Team Organic)

(Please click on the video to see an invitation from Narelle Chenery, Miessence formulator and co-director)

Organic Home Business, Key Points:

Our organic home business opportunity is represents a flexible and family friendly way to earn money from home. The best way to find out more is to fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page so we can organise a chat, but until then here are some key points:

Exclusive Support From a Successful Team

Our team is widely acknowledged to be one of the most pro-active and successful groups in the company. We know how to maximise return on investment and are excellent at sharing that knowledge. We provide team members with exclusive training and marketing resources.

A Booming Trend & Industry

The organic industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, it has achieved compounded growth of 23% pa for seven consecutive years, while the natural and organic cosmetic sector grew by a massive 39% in 2001 alone. Our products are world leaders in this growth industry.

Cutting Edge Organic Products

Our stunning range of certified organic products were the first to receive INTERNATIONAL ORGANIC CERTIFICATION from IFOAM (the international accreditation body), the USDA (USA accreditation body), ACO (the Australian accredited body) and JAS (the Japanese accreditation body). The majority of our products have been fully certified organic to food industry standards.

A Young & Experienced Company

Joining as a representative presents a ground floor opportunity with much potential. Our youth contrasts with our companies vast experience and skills, our directors bring decades of experience in their relative areas of expertise of organic products and business.
Lemonboy, ThemeForest Member

Effective Business Building Tools

When you join as a representative you will receive a self duplicating, state of the art ecommerce site to help build your business. View a version of this site at In addition, when you join our team we offer additional resources, including exclusive access to our Team Organic support site.

A Family Friendly Opportunity

Work from home in your own hours, with strategies that suit you. Our experienced team will help tailor a plan that is sustainable and enjoyable for you (because that’s how you’ll succeed�you’ll actually enjoy doing the work!). Many of our team members embarked on this business to prioritise family life, so we value and know how to make it work with children.

A Green Home Business

Our commitment to certified organics is a commitment to an environmentally sustainable future. We have rejected toxins inherent in most products. Our culture and practice encourages positive human interaction and education above simple concern for the ‘bottom line’. We also fund sustainable energy options to offset all of our energy usage from production to delivery so we are ethical, clean, green and carbon neutral.

A Rewarding Business Model

Our Compensation Plan is fair and rewards genuine effort. The plan is designed to create a lower monthly spend and break even point than many companies. Receive up to 40% discount on your own organic products. Beyond that there are great tax advantages to be had for running a home based business and the business you grow represents a future source of passive income.

An Organic MLM, Educational Focus

We take the best of mlm/ network marketing while avoiding its negative elements through a culture that encourages building real relationships and a focus on education over “the quick sale”. There are many marketing strategies available from stands at trade shows, web marketing, party plan, advertising and more.

Professional Support, No Pressure

You do not need experience in this industry. When you email an inquiry to us you will be contacted within 48 hours by a member of our friendly team. We are NOT interested in “high pressure sales” or false promises of get rich quick schemes. We WILL listen to your needs & situation in answering your questions and, should you decide to continue, in helping to establish a plan that will work for you.

Register Your Interest Today…

If you want to join a booming industry, work flexible hours, develop a passive income stream and be part of leading the movement to certified organics, then you should be talking to one of our team members about starting your own Organic Home Business!

A Successful Team

When you make contact via this site you will be working with one of the most successful teams in Miessence. Anne and Arun founded this team and have reached some of the highest levels of the Miessence compensation plan.
As well as creating personal success, our biggest strength is being able to support others to succeed. We were charged with creating some of the first company training materials and continue to provide exclusive material for our team including business resources and a web marketing e-learning course.

Please Make Contact Today…

You can simply email us us or even better please fill out the form below.

The only information we require is marked in but the more information you can give us about your situation the more we will be able to assist in your inquiry. Your privacy is important to us. All information is kept strictly confidential and will not be passed on or used in any other way except to facillitate you in exploring this organic home business opportunity.

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